Friday, March 14, 2014

Bee Happy Free Printable

Well in Texas, spring has sprung!  I have started digging up the whole backyard and remodeling it, planting veggies and flowers.  I love this time of year!  Everything is waking up and green and the grass has yet to be scorched within an inch of it's life from Texas heat... we probably have about three more months before everything dies from 100+ degree weather. But I digress...

Spring makes me giddy!  It puts me in the mood for lots of color and some whimsical-type crafting!  Time to pull out the water colors and paint a bit.   I drew this up and I think I'll hang it up in the twin's bedroom as a little poster.... just have to choose which one after I painted so many of them!  This is what I like to call "adult coloring"... I mean, don't you want to just sit down and color a little bit sometimes, too?  (Why should my three year old get all the crayons?)

You can download this Bee Happy printable yourself!  It'll make a great card, postcard or poster!  I'd love to see it if you color or paint it!

Download your Bee Happy printable here & share! 

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